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hii! welcome to my carrd that i finally made! i'm niam, or manny (if you're a close friend of mine), a minor that goes by she/her, that plays a ton of salmon run for a living. i write stories, watch anime, and simp for a ton of fictional characters. down below, you'll see some information that you may never see again!


the following are some of my interests(totally didn't copy and paste them from myspace):
✰ splatoon(if you're wondering, i main the squelchers and some splatlings that aren't mini. i'm also the girl who doesn't know how to use an e-liter, but uses it anyways-)
✰ dragon quest(mostly XI; that’s the only one I’m playing for now.)
✰ kakegurui
✰ sailor moon
(weren't those two obvious?)
✰ yuri on ice
✰ fire emblem(specifically fates & awakening)
✰ super mario bros.
✰ petit novel series: harvest december(play the demo on your 3ds, at least once; this game is so underrated...;-;)
✰ and there's more too! just be patient with me! i'll add more if i can!

dni and byf

do not interact if you're...
✰ 21+ (unless you get along with me pretty well when i had discord or followed me before i made this carrd)
✰ a pedophile and/or supports maps
✰ this might get people mad, but, someone who posts 18+ stuff, especially furry porn; it disturbs me(hey, but jokes are okay, i got used to it since 6th grade, and i'm immature myself)
✰ homophobic
✰ ableist
✰ transphobic
✰ someone who supports zoophiles or, if you are one
✰ racist(and i really hate racism, so really, fuck off it you're racist)
✰ if you think abuse is funny or cute, get the fuck out of here now.

before you interact...
✰ i am a MINOR. need me to spell it for you? M-I-N-O-R. asking for nudes from a minor is something i will automatically refuse to; you're fucking gross.
✰ i'm pretty shy when it comes to interacting with new people, so it's your job to start conversations with me.
✰ i'm already accustomed to mature jokes and fanfiction, but i'm sorry, if you post your fucking nudes, DO NOT talk to me. i always check accounts before following back, so don't think i'm blind. if you rt nsfw art, it's fine, i'll just ignore it, but if you're the, 'hey sexy, wanna see my eggplant/kitty~?' type of person, gtf away from me.
✰ to those from twitter: i follow back! unless you're the person from the star above this one.
✰ i roleplay as well, but i'm not really the best at dialouge. i'm never making a rp account, because of this-
✰ if i don't answer your message, follow you back, or add you back when you send me a friend request, i'm not ignoring you! just like most of you, i'm also busy with schoolwork, and i also have to entertain my little brother, so forgive me!
✰ to those from twitter: i'm a heavy rt account, or at least i think i am, so please mute me if i'm annoying you!
✰ i'm bad at conversations.
✰ please don't flirt with me. tryna steal my heart doesn't work on me, ya nasties.

comfort characters and ships (in no particular order)

comfort characters
✰ corrin/kamui (fire emblem fates)
✰ lucina(fire emblem awakening)
✰ erik/camus/kamyu(dragon quest xi)
✰ sylvando/sylvia(dragon quest xi)
✰ all 4 of the dq heroes in smash(dragon quest xi, iii, iv, and viii)
✰ princess peach(super mario bros.)
✰ mary saotome(kakegurui)
✰ ririka momobami(kakeguiri)
✰ rei hino/sailor mars(sailor moon)
✰ minako aino/sailor venus(sailor moon)
✰ ann takamaki (persona 5)
✰ futaba sakura (persona 5)
✰ ryuji sakamoto(persona 5)
✰ shoto todoroki(bnha)
✰ momo yaoyorozu(bnha)
✰ mina ashido(bnha)
✰ kyoka jiro(bnha)
✰ chloe/glitter breeze or reika aoki/cure beauty(glitter force/smile pretty cure)
✰ palutena(kid icarus)
✰ miku(darling in the franxx; not the one from vocaloid-)
comfort ships (wip)
✰ luminerik(the luminary x erik; dqxi)
✰ chrobin (chrom x robin; fire emblem awakening)
✰ mareach (mario x peach; super mario bros.)
✰ glimbow (glimmer x bow; she-ra)
✰ ryuann (ryuji sakamoto x ann takamaki; persona 5)
✰ spinnetossa (spinnerella x netossa; she-ra)

some links

these are some links to keep me in contact! of course, this carrd is for those from windows93 and/or from twitter, so don't ask why i'm posting the link from where you came from-

and yeah! that's it! thank you for using your time to read this! it means so much to me!(i'm new to this, just um... don't judge me, okay?)

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